#e20dwd Meetup Talk 003: Principles & Values of Good Leadership in times of Uncertainty & Crisis

So tonight we have another virtual meetup talk of our #e20dwd initiative “Digital Work Disruption”. This is a two-weekly meetup of thought leaders in the field of Enterprise 2.0, Digital/New Work and Digital Transformation that discusses the recommendations and implications of the recent disruption of the workplace with the on-going Corona virus crisis.

After the first two events (see the recordings here) on the general development and recent issues and challenges we would like to address the important topic of leadership in tonight’s show.

Already the interviews with Céline Schillinger, Jane McConnell as well as Rachel Happe addressed this important topic for these times. Céline certainly underlined the importance of a new leadership style – that puts engagement first. Jane mentioned that the leadership issues is seen as the most critical issue in her research on the digital workplace transformation. And Rachel stated that these times of uncertainty and anxiety need a lot of compassion that is brought upon the employees from the team and management leaders.

In tonight’s discussion we would like to drill down and work out a little bit more on this topic in order to clarify the key skills and approaches for a “guiding” leadership in these times.

You can either participate actively in the meetup by registering on our website for getting the information about joining the Zoom meeting room – or you can just lean back and watch the stream via this page or directly via Youtube.

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Bjoern Negelmann
Björn Negelmann verantwortet die inhaltlichen Teile der Veranstaltungsaktivitäten von Kongress Media und ist darüber hinaus auch Kopf des an Kongress Media angeschlossenen Research-Hauses N:Sight Research. Er reflektiert seine Beobachtungen über die Entwicklung der Themen sowohl in den Corporate-Blogs von Kongress Media und N:Sight als auch in den Fachblogs Enterprise Digital Blog (zum Social Collaboration & Future of Work Thema), auf Espresso-Digital.de (zum Thema Social Kommunikation & Marketing) sowie im Digital Experience Blog (zum Thema Digital Experience & die Transformation in Marketing, Vertrieb und Service). Darüber hinaus moderiert und betreut er die diversen Online-Communities und Online-Veranstaltungen von Kongress Media.

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